Trending Igbo Brides Asoebi Styles 2019

Here is why we love African Culture, Traditional Marriage Ceremony. Each Traditional Marriages In Nigeria has its symbolism, Norms and believe. For Instance, When you see Igbo Bride, with her dressing, Jewelries and other accessories, You will know is Igbo Bride and is the same in other ethnic groups in Nigeria. Igbo brides always puts her Aka Jewelries, On her head, Neck, hand, waist, leg and possibly hold horse’s tail accessory on her hand. Sometimes the brides may choose to interchange to her taste of style. The decorations and arrangements of those Jewelries is always a thing of beauty. It show the true Igbo beauty of the bride.

If the bride chooses to wear Long gown with flare, the Aka Jewelries is not always that much but If the bride chooses a short skirt with handing Top, which is main Igbo Bride outfit, the Aka Jewelries will be almost everywhere, Head, neck, waist and leg. Check out the collection and leave a comment below. Remember to share.. Cheers


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